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Our expertises

Integrated expertise to take your project far.

For more than 15 years, Article Onze Tourisme team has benefited from the skills and passion of individuals with expertise in tourism marketing, communication and business. Both internally and externally, they are all skilled in advising, in order to give you personalized support that is both strategic (analysis of problems, solutions, pre-project consulting, definition of action plans) and operational (implementation of action plans, guidance, and measurement of KPIs).

Absolute commitment, every step of the way, to ensure your satisfaction.

We pay close attention to our clients’ needs, expectations and goals. Our services generally take the form of year-round global support, but can also be provided for a specific project or for representing tourism. Our approach is to work closely with you, and our team members are constantly committed to maximizing results.

Our 5 main areas of expertise

Influence & Media
Successful media relations management is essential to ensure optimal media coverage, especially in the tourism sector. As experts in PR and media relations, Article Onze Tourisme supports you in all aspects of your influencing strategy and works with the targeted journalists and media to promote or generate the best outcomes. To guarantee you benefits from optimal media visibility worldwide thanks to our network of partners, our dedicated team takes care of every element of the management of your press relations in good faith: dealing with the Press, organizing your events, managing media relations and contacts, and mobilizing those who can exert influence, etc.
And our expertise doesn’t end there. Because we believe it is essential to create strong, well-produced content, Article Onze Tourisme takes advantage of a network of highly responsive, specialized journalists who apply their skills in the production of relevant, striking editorial content for the benefit of your development strategy.
Influence & Promotion
Managing and developing your tourism offers also involve articulating your strategy coherently to all stakeholders in the tourism industry (TO, OTA, airlines, distributors, MICE). Article Onze Tourisme has a dedicated activation team which is well-connected to the market in order to establish productive, long-term relationships and, consequently, to achieve your ROI goals.
Based on a BtoB strategy and a combination of innovative and traditional concepts (workshops, roadshows, training, trade fairs, e-learning, etc.), Article Onze Tourisme offers unique, creative services that are tailored to your business goals.
Digital & Social Media
In the tourism sector more than anywhere else, we know that the effective management of social networks plays a crucial role in your strategy. At Article Onze Tourisme, we have the capacity to constantly manage and drive your entire on-line community. Our social media expertise also enables us to develop communication strategies across all networks which match your image, are relevant and effective.
Committed alongside you to increase your interaction online, we develop social media communication campaigns using personalized tools and unique content. Constantly striving for creativity and effectiveness, Article Onze Tourisme grows your community and creates awareness on your market, both in France and around the world.
Hospitality Sales & Marketing
Goals such as increasing sales for a particular location (in France or elsewhere in the world), developing awareness of your hotel chain’s brand, and managing your e-reputation are key factors to increase your market share in both business and leisure travel. From opening a new hotel to carrying out a business transaction, our services are wide-ranging and respond to each individual client’s goals and challenges.
For each organization, following an audit procedure to establish your competitive strengths and advantages, Article Onze Tourisme designs and implements a tailored strategy. The marketing plan which stems from this strategy makes use of a network of professional consultants with whom we have forged strong, long-term relationships, enabling us to ensure successful, results-oriented marketing. It may also include BtoC activities around media relations and events.
Communications & Events
From coming up with a new communication campaign to deploying your branding platform, regardless of which types of media or events are involved, Article Onze Tourisme manages the full spectrum of your communication mechanisms. In France or overseas, wherever your target audience is, our team of specialists supports you in every step of your action plan.
To expand your area of communication and win new markets, Article Onze Tourisme designs and executes multi-faceted tourism promotional campaigns. For each client, a tailored strategy and activation plan will give you the means to deploy your brand image, create the event, and achieve the performance you are looking for.